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Touch Screen epos terminal

A touch screen EPOS terminal is the link between the user and system. It is important that an EPOS touch screen is responsive, durable and also displays information clearly. Our large, high-durability, scratch and water resistant EPOS touch screen terminals are clear and easy-to-read, and so intuitive that transactions can be processed faster, reducing queuing times and improving customer service. Our touch screen EPOS terminals are high-powered for use in demanding media-rich retail, hospitality, fashion, and beauty point of sale operations. The overriding advantage of an EPOS touch screen terminal is its speed, and therefore ease of use. A practiced touch screen EPOS operator will be able to post transactions into the EPOS retail software several times faster than with a mouse. Items can be selected from thumbnail sketches, and users can also search for products via the on-screen keyboard. Our range of touch screen EPOS terminals are being used in thousands of businesses taking millions of orders and offer great value. read less

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